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thread portrait

The Student Union here on campus sent out a solicitation for entries for a faculty/staff art exhibit back in May.  I promptly deleted that.  A few hours later my husband forwarded the email to me and told me I should enter one of my quilts.  I had been wanting to make a memory quilt of my brother who died back in 2012.  I was afraid to start for a long time but this was the kick in the pants I needed.  Here is my thread portrait art quilt.  I call it "Echos of Jeff."

Jun. 2nd, 2015

Tonight is the last night in a long month of having my in-laws visit. They are really getting pretty old and crazy at this point. They wander off in weird directions and can't hear you when you try to get them back on track. Meanwhile the 5 year old wanders off in a completely different direction and ignores you when you try to get her back on track. It's all very tiring. And I am not a patient person. For now, there is just one more night to get through.

May. 21st, 2015

Last night we went to my daughter's end of year dance recital. My 80something year old in-laws where with us. My daughter attends a classical ballet school in the South. Out of 200 students there are 3 boys. When we got home, my mother-in-law said "I liked that skinny colored boy." I replied, "I think you could leave out the colored part. There are only 3 boys in the school. There is a little one, a tall skinny one, and an older bigger one. Color doesn't need to be the most important thing about them." Hence the beginning of a shit storm of epic proportions. The funny thing is I wasn't calling her racist. I was just having a chat about cultural awareness. But you know what? It was racist. It was very racist. Both my husband and his dad tried to tell me they are old and of their century. Would someone please tell me why being old is a magic pass for being allowed to be racist? I mean, they are the generation of the Civil Rights Act, legislation that was passed before I was born. So really, how can ignorance or age be any kind of an excuse?

May. 20th, 2015

Mother's Day was almost 2 weeks ago. It sucked. I know I should get over it but I just want to say I hate these stupid, made-up holidays. Like, it's mother's day so I should be able to do what I want to do -- like spend the day eating ding dongs in front of the TV. Instead, I not only have my regular chores but I get extra chores because it has to be a "special" day. So there is grocery shopping and baking and washing dishes. Lucky me, I get to do it again on Father's Day. How about, just say no to meaningless holidays.

jasmine tea

Thom James Tea Jasmine Green

This little sample packet was hiding from me for awhile. But I found it. I just dished out my last teaspoon into my brew mug at work. It's a bit stronger and less flowery than I ususally associate with jasmine tea. A very nice pick me up that is still easy and not jittery. Actually a great tea for a brew mug with removable strainer. I'm going to have to get more.

the new catholicism

D: "So, the only one who can come back to life without becoming a zombie is Jesus."
Me: "Did they tell you about zombies in school?"
D: "No I just figured that out on my own."
Me: "Yes, the only one who can come back to life without being a zombie is Jesus."

Whenever I worry about my kid getting religiously brainwashed, she finds her own way of setting my mind at ease.

Relaxed at last

As we left the restaurant, the girl said, "I grabbed some chicken as a snack for later." In her hand was a gob of fried chicken balls. In my normal life there would have been mom voice and threats to get her to throw it away. Today I was like, uh I guess I have a napkin I can wrap the nasty,greasy chicken bits in. In my pocket. So the vegetarian's skirt will smell like roast beast. Instead I laughed then found a place to sit down until she worked it out.