They Might Be Giants free download
Hmm, my embed code doesn't seem to be working. I've never really listened to TMBG. This seems like a great time to fix that. They are giving away free downloads of "First Album Live."

clown cereal
The night before last I dreamt about cereal. Clown cereal. Actually I dreamt about a place: a table in a dirty off-white/pale yellow kitchen. There were 2 or 3 other kids there. I was eating marshmallow clown cereal. When I woke up, it was fuzzy but it kept nudging me. Marshmallow clown cereal -- I remember that. And I remember that table in that house. It was the baby sitter "Mary" who lived down the streat from St. Anthony's church where my brothers went to school. 1969. I was 4. And the clown cereal was real.

how to pass a joint
My brother Roger is 5 years older than I. When I was a kid, he would always smoke a joint while we were driving any where. It became very important to him that I learn how to pass a joint in a car to a driver who is doing 70mph on the freeway. This involves positioning the joint up near the radio controls and holding it in such a way that you maximize the grab space for the driver. It's a complicated thing to learn when you are 11. And who knew I would ever have a use for this skill. Today, we had 75lbs of power supplies delivered to a super computer that needs to have a final benchmark number available by end of day tomorrow in order to be considered for the top 500 list. 75lbs of power supplies and 1 poor, over-worked Dell guy to install them. I'm like "you need bodies? I can get you bodies." I came up to the office, cancelled the Friday morning staff meeting, scrounged up screwdrivers for everyone who didn't have one and set up a power supply installation assembly line down in the machine room. What does this have in common with passing a joint in a car doing 70 on the freeway? It turns out that I am really good at setting up and supervising the supply line. As I stack power supplies and chassis for the guys to work on, I just naturallly stack them for easy grab-ability. Years of being trained via burnt fingers that when you pass parts, you should make them easy to grab.

ahh, finally...
One day when my child was 20 months old, she started screaming every day. I thought, "Ah, this must be the terrible twos. I can handle this." Then she turned 2 and she kept screaming every day. Then she turned 3 and she kept screaming every day. I started asking the parents around me why no one ever told me about the screaming. I mean, I so would never have had a kid if anyone had told me about the screaming. She even upped her game to include the classic throwing herself on the floor and beating her fists. It was about 2.5 years into this when I woke up and realized that it wasn't children. It was just her. This might be the state of my life for years to come: get screamed at over breakfast, go to work and get told my work is not living up to standards, go pick my kid up and get screamed at, cook dinner (she likes to eat so there is usually a respite over dinner) and then get screamed at again trying to get her to bed. This was depressing to me. Then she turned 4 and the screaming continued. Her personal best was 5 temper tantrums before 9am on a saturday. On.A.Saturday! I understand those women who get up one day, pack a suitcase and leave. The screaming is like getting stabbed in the brain with an ice pick over and over and over. Then last month while J was at a conference in France, she woke up and there was no screaming. She rubbed a couple of brain cells together and it was over. 3 years exactly. Now I look at my little girl with the lellow blonde hair and big brown eyes and her little angelic face and I feel like I missed out on something. And I did miss out on something. I missed out on enjoying being a parent because every day, week after week after week of screaming and fighting with her to do the simplest things. It's a pity she didn't stop before she broke her mother in half. Or maybe that was the goal....

humble bundle 3
Humble Bundle 3. Pay what you want. Support charity. Get seven exceptional titles. Pay $15 or more to unlock Homeland written by Cory Doctorow and narrated by Wil Wheaton.

soundsupply deep elm drop
10 albums from Deep Elm Record's amazing catalog
Deep Elm Records has built a label that is home to countless amazing bands and helped a passionate community of music fans discover new artists while remaining 100% independent. We are honored to celebrate their 18 years in the music scene with a Drop containing 10 of their essential and most influential albums, including the very first Emo Diaries compilation that helped introduce a then unknown band called Jimmy Eat World. Get the Soundsupply + Deep Elm Records Drop featuring must-have albums of bands from Deep Elm catalogue including Appleseed Cast, Lights & Motion, Athletics, Moonlit Sailor, Les Sages, This Drama, Slowride, Benton Falls, Latterman, and The Emo Diaries! All of this for only $15 at

a cartoonist's advice
To invent your own life's meaning is not easy... but it's still allowed.

soundsupply drive thru records drop
Sound Supply bundles albums together and then sells them at a low price for a limited time. Right now they have a currated collection of albums from the Indie label Drive-Thru Records.

"Started in 1996, Drive Thru Records quickly became one of the most influential labels in the independent scene by signing and developing one hard-working band after another. The California label put out over 80 records before going on an indefinite hiatus in 2008. It’s with equal parts nostalgia and amazement that we’ve
curated some of the quintessential Drive Thru releases from the early 2000’s and are inviting you to either re-live or discover one of the most exciting snapshots of indie music history by downloading these 10 essential albums for just $15. Enjoy the first Soundsupply Label Spotlight and tell your friends!"

11 things it took me 42 years to learn
from Shane Nickerson at

1. Play like you practice.

If you’ve heard it from a coach, you know what it means. It means don’t save yourself for the big game. Don’t imagine a time when everything is real and you’ll finally be able to give it 100%. This is it. It’s real right now: your writing, your acting, your creating, your parenting, your working, your choices in life. There may never be a big game, or at least, not the one you imagine from the comfort of your couch while you’re playing Minecraft instead of rewriting your sketch. Time slips quickly, and the impression you make on people now will have lasting repercussions as your peers rise through the ranks and eventually have the power to hire you, or not. You play like you practice. You'll have no idea how to actually execute when opportunity arrives if you haven't been giving it everything until that day comes.

2. Trust your instinct.

If you’re miserable in your job, quit. If you’ve chosen the wrong career, make a plan to switch. If something feels wrong, you’re right. Fix it, and don’t look back. This applies to work, relationships, friendships, and life choices. Wake up in the morning the person you want to be instead of the person you’re constantly trying to change. Sometimes it’s hard work to stay true to the person you know you are. It’s always worth it.

3. Let your dreams change.

You thought you were going to be a famous actor but have slowly begun to resent everything about the career except the end goal you imagine to be the answer to your happiness? It isn’t. This goes back to #1. Life slips by quickly when you sacrifice your current happiness for imagined future happiness for an extended amount of time. People tell you to do what you love. That’s not an expression, it’s a philosophy. Switch your dreams to something that makes you happy right now, not hopefully happy later.

4. Open your eyes to the right person.

The right person is so rarely the one you’ve imagined since you were young. The right person is someone you love to be around; someone who makes you laugh, makes you happy, makes you feel strong. Lots of times, they're so obviously in front of you that you look right past them. If you find someone like that, latch on and never look back. If your current person doesn’t do those things for you, move on. Seriously, today.

5. Stop comparing your life to others.

Your life has nothing to do with theirs. You imagine their world to be perfect, but it never is. Find your own happiness, be happy for others successes, and fight that envy. It will tear you up and make you hard to be around. Dump your cynicism, while you’re at it. It’s cheap and simple.

6. Go where life blows you.

So to speak. Let that gentle pushing and pulling you feel each day guide you towards where you belong. Say yes to new things. Be open to exciting experience. Try new foods. Travel. Don’t just hate stuff because it’s easier. Maybe you’d love eel. Or urchin. Or the Insane Clown Posse. You don’t know.

7. Measure your failures as cautiously as you measure your successes.

So you failed. Okay. In the same way you are modest about your successes, be modest about your failures. Don’t linger in them. Think of all the hard learning you did while you worked so hard on something that sucked. Valuable knowledge. That’s how it goes sometimes. On to the next one.

8. Stop expecting stuff.

Your friends don’t owe you a job. Your parents don’t want to support you anymore. No one wants to hear you complain. You don’t deserve anything any more than anyone else. You aren’t the center of the world. You are responsible for your own happiness. Stop blaming everyone and everything else if you aren’t there yet. Fix it.

9. Be direct with people.

Fight the urge to say yes to everyone all the time. It’s okay to say no in a nice way. You’ll lose friends if you agree to do something and then just hope it fades away or they forget. Just be honest now and avoid the guilt later.

10. If you find the sweet spot, everything falls into place.

Get yourself to where you’re happiest in work, relationship, hobbies, social activities...and the world will open up to you. If you’re happy, people will want to be around you. If you’re miserable, you become a chore.

11. Be nice to the people who like you.

Don’t ignore their invitations. Don’t blow off their emails. Don’t take friendships for granted. If you do, you’ll eventually find yourself a fringe friend who everyone only kind of likes.

humble bundle
I am totally into these humble bundles. It's a collection of ebooks where you can name your own price. This is the second bundle of ebooks. They have also had app bundles, mostly of really old games. I bought the last one for android. But the book collections are the bomb.

I just finished reading Boneshaker this morning. If you are into zombie apocalypse steampunk, it was quite a nice read. I started to read the Last Unicorn, but so far it's sad (about 50 pages) and I'm not into it.

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